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Who is DrillClean

Drillclean consist of two divisions, one is focused on the exploration industry and the second division is focused on the Hospitality/Food Industry. Keeping in mind both divisions only supply products that are environmentally friendly, protects the environment from contamination, remediates contaminated soil and elevates waste disposal.

The Exploration industry is usually located in remote areas were waste and hazardous disposal facilities are non-existent.

For the Hospitality Industry we have an eco-friendly, food quality product called GreaseOff that are used for cleaning and sanitation of floors, walls and fat traps / grease traps. It is also an odour remover and disinfectant. GreaseOff can be used to wash clothes and linen and it will get rid of stains by soaking

The innovative Soil Clean Soil Remediation Technology has evolved over a period of 15 years through collaboration amongst a team of chemical specialists, ecologist and Environmentalists. This unique technology has been extensively researched in laboratory and field trials.

Our Vision

Drillclean's main focus point is the environment. Our environment is under immense pressure and Drillclean provides safer products that is environment and user friendly.

Our Mission

With the ongoing world wide pressure on the environment, we have been committed to bring non toxic, environmentally friendly products to the market.

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